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Monday, April 21, 2014

Simple Mexican Pizza with Leftovers

I'm all about living life simply (at least most of the time). Sometimes when I come home from teaching, I am so worn out from teaching with the kiddos that I just want to relax. When that happens, I just want to whip something up that is easy and very authentic.

What's nice about doing something like this is that you are making nice individual sized pizzas. I also love to mix different cultural foods and making something that is new and fresh. I know my other half likes when I whip something up that is totally different. Here's what I made.

2-4 slices of naan bread
leftover mole
leftover ground turkey taco meat
shredded cheese (depends on what you are making)
a salsa or marinara sauce (if needed)

First, preheat the oven to 350. Then, start getting the naan prepped and ready. Normally I like to heat it up in the comal, but I didn't this go around.

With the leftover chicken mole, I dice up the chicken into bite sized pieces before I reheat. Remember, like with most things, ALWAYS wash your hands (put gloves on, etc). It will get messy, but I guarantee its worth it. You might have to scrape Once diced, place it into a pot and reheat.

With the taco meat, you can reheat. Remember that with anything that you reheat, you need to add a little liquid. If not, your meat will try out (especially if you reheat in the microwave).

Once you are ready to assemble the pizzas, have all the ingredients together. Now if you want to add a sauce on the top of the naan, this is when you should add it. Now, the other half prefers a little more cheese, so I have added cheese to the taco meat pizza since it doesn't have any sauce like the mole does.

I have opted make two different types of pizzas. Assemble with adding the sauce first (if you choose to). Then add the meat mixture. Now remember with the chicken mole, I don't need to add sauce since it is already with mole sauce. I also have opted to be a little healthy by creating two different types (one with spinach and one without). After you have added the greens etc, add the cheese. For the taco, I have mixed shredded mozzarella and medium cheddar. For the chicken mole, I used a mexican blend (asadero, cheddar, cotija, and quesadilla). Sprinkle on the top and place into the oven.

Allow these to heat through until the cheese has melted. This was a great treat since I was able to use up all of the mole and taco meat. If you want a more crispy crust you would have to place it directly onto the oven rack. The problem with that is the sauce would get onto the oven wall. If you do end up doing that, then just place a cookie sheet below to prevent from spilling. It was a hit...you should definitely try it sometime!

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