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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crab Rangoon (Crab Puff)

MC's Parental Units were invited over to the new house for dinner yesterday. I wanted to impress them with something that they might not have had before. MC's dad is more of a meat and potatoes type of guy. Mom on the other hand likes to try new things.

Well I opted to make fresh chinese food (Broccoli Beef and Happy Family). Of course, you need additional items to go with the main entrees. Rice and eggrolls are the standards, but Crab Rangoon is something that they have never really had (at least home-made).

This recipe is something that I have done a couple of times. Normally, this appetizer is more sweet adding sugar to the filling. I personally prefer my Crab Rangoon (or Crab Puff) more savory, hence adding additional ingredients to make it that...very very good. Hope you enjoy.


1 16 oz cream cheese
8 oz imitation crab meat
1 tbsp Worcestershire 
salt and pepper to taste

First, start by taking out the cream cheese and make sure it is softened to room temperature. Cream the cream cheese. Notice it should be soft enough that you can use a spoon.

Add the crab meat to the cream cheese assuring that the crab meat is broken apart. You can dice it before adding it to the cream cheese.

Add the salt and pepper to taste. Add the worcestershire to the cream cheese.
Now you are ready to stuff the wonton sheets. You can find the wonton sheets in the produce aisle (next to the tofu). Get a small spoonful and place in the middle of the wonton. Use water to seal the sides of the wonton. You can pinch them one side, then the other OR pinch it together. Either way, it should seal well.

We are using a fry daddy. You can use a deep pot in order to fry the crab rangoon. Make sure that the oil is heated well. To test it, add a piece of the wonton wrap. If it cooks quickly, then the oil is well heated.

Start to cook the crab rangoon until golden brown, cooking a handful (about 4 or 5) at a time. Like most things that you might fry, you overcrowd the pot, the items will not fry/cook all the way through. This should cook for about no more than 2 -3 minutes. Allow to drain once you have taken out of the fry daddy/pot.

You can have this with orange sauce. I like to have a little kick (add some chili paste). This is really an easy dish to make. Try it at home!

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