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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Breakfast Time - Spam and Eggs

I love me some Spam. When I was growing up, we really couldn't afford a lot of things even when we were getting our usual government assistance. One of those things that we could afford was Spam, Treet or Potted Meat. I learned (as with most things) early on that there are many creative ways to cook these different canned meats.

This recipe I learned as one of the first things to cook when I was a kid. This really went a long way when feeding myself, my mom and sisters. MC is a real snob when it came to Spam. When I cooked this for breakfast, the negative mindset was TOTALLY changed. We have this every so often, but I still have my preference for breakfast. Nothing like having Spam and egg tacos!


1 can 12 oz Spam
2 tbsp butter
1 med sized onion
6 large eggs
1/3 cup half and half
1 tsp garlic powder
pepper to taste

Start by having a large cooking pan and place the butter into the pan. Have the heat on medium high. Allow to melt, but avoid the butter to brown.

Dice the onions and the Spam. Add both onions and Spam to the heated pan. Allow to cook through (onions should be translucent).

While the Spam/onions are cooking, add the pepper, salt and garlic powder I normally don't like to add too much salt to the Spam as it is salty enough. Add the salt sparingly. Continue to cook and reduce the heat some.

Crack all the eggs in a bowl. Once eggs are cracked open, add the half & half. Whisk the egg mixture until frothy. Add the egg mixture to the cooking Spam. Allow to cook, but don't over cook (until at least cooked through).

You have your choice when you finally cook the Spam and Eggs. I have made MC's into scrambled eggs with the some homemade salsa and cheese (along with the toast). I in turn have made my tacos with cheese. Remember, don't hate Spam, its a great food item that you can use in different ways. Enjoy!

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