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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Having a great bowl of chili

Last time, I had a post of white bean chili. It was a great recipe because it incorporated plenty of white beans and chicken. Any type of chile can take alot of time to cook especially when you have to work with dry beans.

Well, the following recipe is rather easy as cook time is not as long as you would think. Including prep time, it would be about 45 to an hour. Like most of my posts, I cooked this on Sunday and allowed the chili to cool before I place in the refrigerator. It does keep well and you would be amazed when you do finally eat it that it does taste so much better than eating it the day of.


1 lb lean bison meat                           1 large onion
1 can black beans                               1 can light red kidney beans
1 can Ranch style beans                     1 can chili ready tomatoes
2 cups Beef stock                               1 can whole kernel corn
1 tsp paprika                                       1 tbsp worcheshire
2 tbsp chili powder                             1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp cumin                                       1 tbsp ground pepper
1 tsp salt

Get the meat that you have and start to cook it. Notice that the pound of meat that I have was actually frozen. I completely forget to thaw it out, so I had to slowly cook it out.

Dice the onion. Once it's all done, add the onion to the cooking meat. Allow it to continue to cook until the onion starts to get somewhat translucent.

So with this recipe, I have added 3 different beans. You can add whatever type of beans to the chili you are making. When dealing with the beans, its always better to clean out the preservatives within the can of beans. I tend to rinse them out a couple of times. Once you are done rinsing, add them to the meat.


Allow the beans to cook, in the mean time you can add one can of tomatoes. I normally don't like to make it too much with tomato so I have found one can is enough. Hunts has a great type of canned tomato that is well seasoned and great for chili.

 Once you have added that, then add 2 cups of the broth or stock. Either way its better than just using water. Allow it to cook for about 30 minutes.

 Now add the spices to the beans. Notice that I do not add too much salt to this recipe. I am trying to be good by not having too much. If you feel that you need to add more, be my guest. This also goes for the spices. The recipe should be enough, but even I added a couple of dashes of cumin and chili powder to add more flavor.

After you have added the spices, continue to bring this to a boil, stirring on occasion. While that is continuing to cook, open a can of whole kernel corn. Like the beans, make sure you wash the preservatives as we did with the beans.

Allow it to continue to cook. Give it a taste and take off the heat when you see the broth has reduced. The starch within the corn will act as a thickener. 

Remember, this was cooked a couple of days ago and the spices have settle within the mixture. Well, I added some sharp cheddar/colby jack cheese and some sour cream. Such a nice bowl of goodness!

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