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Friday, September 16, 2011

Diez y Seis de Septiembre (16th of September)

So its been a rather busy week, but we always need some down time and enjoy the small things in life. Today is no exception. As many of those who do keep up with Mexican History, today is the 16th of September. Most of Mexico truly recognize this day more than the 5th of May (ironically, the 5th of May was a battle and involved the French...but enough with the history). When I was a teacher, the bilingual teachers would do something for 5 de Mayo, but we also did something small for the 16th. I have continued this tradition where I currently work.

Today, I decided that I would bring in Mexican Sweet Bread from El Bolillo Bakery (http://elbolillo.com/). Luckily, they open at 5am so I was able to get what I needed. They have really good pastries as well as great Tres Leches. It is across from the Farmer's Market and it's always packed.

Then, I decided to get some tacos. Of course, no taqueria was open at 6 am, so I ended up going to Taco Cabana. At least they will be well fed for breakfast.

Let's enjoy this day today with a margarita and plenty of good food and camaraderie. ¡Qué viva México! ¡Qué viva la Independencia!

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