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Monday, September 5, 2011


I always have been told that I was a good cook. I guess I would have to say that my grandmother really taught me some tough lessons, but she always knew that I had a good knack for learning how to cook...and this really started at an early age.

Since then, I continue to cook and be inspired by what I see, hear and taste when I go to those great restaurants here in Houston and other areas that I have traveled to. Well, let's see what happens with this blog...Enjoy!

 This was inspired by some friends who came over last night. I made some strawberry cupcakes. The cake batter had some fresh diced strawberries. It was great!

Today, decided to make breakfast as it was Labor Day. Especially since my partner is busy working away and I had to leave in a little bit to go to the gym.

Mushroom, onion and ham omelet with a side of wheat toast.

The only problem...Mike decides to always add potato toppers to the omelets I make...geesh.  :)

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