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Friday, September 9, 2011

What's for Leftovers at work?

I have been known to think fast on my feet with whatever I have on hand especially when in the kitchen. At the place I work, we have been rather busy as its our "busy season". Yesterday, we had baked potatoes along with salad for those who were working late.

Today, after going to the gym at 4am this morning, I was rather hungry. I didn't want to spend any money going downstairs to the deli, so I decided to improvise.

Jason's Deli provided all that I needed and I came up with this. I just diced up the potato. I added pepper and had it reheated. I took it out and also added some bacon, cheese, VERY LITTLE SALT. Placed it back in the micro for another minute. Added some green onion and salsa. A good breakfast with coffee and toast. Abuelita would be proud!

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