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Monday, September 5, 2011

So...what's the plan for this week?

Well, as some of my closest friends know, my partner is about to leave in less than 5 days to San Antonio. This will be a struggle, but we will get through this for at least a year. After that, we will see. This whole weekend, we (more like I...since he has been working this whole weekend) have been packing. Busy Busy Busy!!!

So what am I planning to do this week considering that I have a very busy week ahead? Well, to start off. I always get my proteins. Luckily, yesterday Mike was the grill master and grilled me some chicken for today. I have some leftover beef as well. I also have some ground meat that I am going to use for burgers.

I always have at least 2 salads for the week. As you can tell, I love food, but I do need a little of a balance.

So, today I have made burgers (with onions, spices and stuffed with a slice of chipotle gouda). Along with that, I have made sliced beef with onions and mushrooms (in a beef stock, spices, balsamic vinegar and worcestershire redux sauce).

And for today's dinner, I made the grilled chicken with a white wine and raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce, mac and cheese (with velveeta, chipotle gouda and colby jack) and some french cut green beans.

Today has been rather busy. Will have some leftover cupcakes for dessert!

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